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Album of the Week Box o’ Bananas – ‘Gies a Smile’!

  This weeks Album of the Week comes from Box o’ Bananas with their new release ‘Gies a Smile’ which was released on the 3 of July       Box  o’...

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Concerts and Gig Guide

Dave Swarbrick

On 8 July, Gordon Hotchkiss presented a special programme paying tribute to Dave Swarbrick, who died a few days ago. You can hear it again...

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Studio guests

Margaret Macleod (Na h-Òganaich) guests on Ceòl ‘s Craic – Monday 15 August 6 – 7pm

Bidh Ceòl ‘s Craic @ Celtic Music Radio a’ cur fàilte air Mairead NicLeòid mar chèilidhche Gàidhlig prògram na seachdain sa. Stèidhich Mairead, a bràthair...

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Outside broadcasts

Bute Fest  29th – 30th July 2016

  The second year of the return of the renowned Bute Fest 2016 is upon us! Running from 29-31 July . Featuring the stunning local talent of the island to artists from the...

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Danny Kyle Open Stage – Archive recordings

Danny Kyle Open Stage – Archive recordings

Jan 16, 2016

We will be uploading recordings of all performances on the Open Stage to our archive site. You can access these recordings by clicking the “Archive Site – Danny Kyle Stage” button on the right of our website, or by following this link.

click here for Danny Kyle Open Stage Performances from Celtic Connections 2016


Album of the Week Box o’ Bananas – ‘Gies a Smile’!

Album of the Week Box o’ Bananas – ‘Gies a Smile’!

Aug 21, 2016


This weeks Album of the Week comes from Box o’ Bananas with their new release ‘Gies a Smile’ which was released on the 3 of July





Box  o’ Bananas is the collaboration of Jock The Box – Accordion/ Keyboards and Stevie Gillies   Guitar/ mandolin/ Bouzouki who have been kicking up a storm where ever they perform! Ashley MacMillan joins them on the album with drums/ percussion.

This is their much awaited second album and has been well worth the wait. Jock and Stevie take your from the classical to punk, and traditional to funk, and everything in between! It feels you either have a full orchestra or large ceilidh band in your living room.

For all sceptics out their re what box and guitar can do I suggest you listen to this album which will change the way you think about the versatility of these instruments in the right hands. Gies a Smile! Does just that !

1 Spectre of Love
2 The Groove Set
3 Start Wearing Purple
4 Canty’s Traveis
5 Carillon
6 Toccata
7 The Gael
8 Riverdance
9 Starlight
10 Gies a Smile!
11 The Musical Beast Set
12 Willie and Nora’s farewell to the Haakon in Kyleakin

Up coming gigs:-

2 Sept Horse & Jockey Bar & Restaurant, Lanark
16-17  King Haakon Bar – Kyleakin – Skye
26 Nov  Brewhouse , Bridge of Allan
10 Dec  The Dalgair  – Calander


Album of the Week is broadcast (and on catchup)
12:00 Sat
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19:00 Mon

Remember if you wish to purchase this album please link onto Amazon via our website link.
It will cost you nothing to do this but with every purchase Celtic Music Radio gets a small remuneration to help the station! Many Thanks!  

Margaret Macleod (Na h-Òganaich) guests on Ceòl ‘s Craic – Monday 15 August 6 – 7pm

Margaret Macleod (Na h-Òganaich) guests on Ceòl ‘s Craic – Monday 15 August 6 – 7pm

Aug 13, 2016

Bidh Ceòl ‘s Craic @ Celtic Music Radio a’ cur fàilte air Mairead NicLeòid mar chèilidhche Gàidhlig prògram na seachdain sa. Stèidhich Mairead, a bràthair Donaidh agus an caraid aca Noel Eadie an còmhlan ciùil na-Òganaich aig toiseach na seachdadan agus choisinn iad cliù mhòr, agus na mìltean de luchd-leantainn, airson an dreach beòthail, ùr a bha iad a’ toirt air amhrain Ghàidhlig traidiseanta. Ach ‘s ann  airson nan amhran aig Murchadh MacPhàrlain (Bàrd Mhealboist) a thoirt gu aire a’ mhòir-shluaigh as fheàrr at tha daoine eòlach orra. A-nis tha Ceòl ‘s Craic air leabhar leis an ùghdar  Catriona Mhòireach fhoillseachadh a tha a’ toirt sùil air a’ chairdeas eadar Murchadh agus Mairead a bhrosnaich dùsgadh mòr ann an ceòl Gàidhlig a tharraing ginealach ùr, a dh’èirich suas le ceòl pop, air-ais gu ceòl na Gàidhlig.

Cluinnidh sinn cuideachd clàradh a chaidh a dhèanamh an-uiridh nuair a thàinig an neach-ciùil Fionnlagh MacLeòid a-steach dhan stiùideo. Tha Fionnlagh air a bhith gu mòr an sàs ann an ceòl pop ‘indie’ bho na h-ochdadan gun latha an-diugh ann an còmhlain mar Teenage Fanclub, BMX Bandits.  Ach a-nis tha e air tionndadh gu ceòl Gàidhlig e fhèin. Chan eil sin na iongnadh ‘s dòcha seach gur e Fionnlagh, mac Kathleen NicDhòmhnaill bhon sàr chòmhlan Ghàidhlig na Peathraichean Dòmhnallach.

Nach tig sibh còmhla rinn airson uair a thìde de chòmhradh Gàidhlig agus taghadh de cheòl sgoinneil.

Tuilleadh fiosrachaidh ri fhaighinn airòl-is-Craic

Ceòl ‘s Craic Diluain 15  Lùnastal eadar 6 is 7f. agus uair sam bith air Catch-Up.
CsC copy


Ceòl ‘s Craic @ Celtic Music Radio will be welcoming Margaret MacLeod as our Gaelic guest to this week’s programme. Margaret, her brother Donaidh and their friend Noel Eadie established the band ‘Na h-Òganaich’  at the beginning of the seventies and were immediately a huge success attracting a massive audience who delighted in the new youthful sound they brought to traditional Gaelic songs. But they are best known for bringing the songs of Murdo MacFarlane (The Melbost Bard) to the attention of an international audience.  Ceòl ‘s Craic has now brought out a book by author Catriona Murray which examines the relationship between Murdo and Margaret that inspired a great revival in Gaelic music and brought a new generation, brought up on pop music, back to their Gaelic roots.

We’ll also be broadcasting a recording from last year of a music session by Finlay MacDonald. Finlay has been a central figure in the Scottish indie music scene since the eighties working with seminal bands such as Teenage Fanclub and the BMX Bandits. However he has now turned to Gaelic music –  perhaps not so surprising considering that his mother is Kathleen MacDonald of the famous Gaelic pop-group ‘The MacDonald Sisters’.

Join us for an hour of Gaelic conversation and some great music!

More information onòl-is-Craic 

Ceòl ‘s Craic Monday 15 August from 6 to 7pm and anytime on Catch-Up.


Album of the Week – Aon Teanga – Un Chengey

Album of the Week – Aon Teanga – Un Chengey

Aug 2, 2016

“Aon Teanga – ‘One Tongue’ is a bold, new, and unequivocally unique project, reuniting the song traditions of the Gaelic nations: Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man.

The age-old links of the Gaelic language in Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man are forged anew in Aon Teanga – Un Çhengey , a bold new project reuniting the song traditions of the Gaelic nations. “



“Aon teanga – Un çhengey recognises the fundamental place of the Isle of Man in Gaeldom’s cultural triskelion, the classic Celtic triple-spiral. And with the recent burgeoning renaissance of traditional music on the island, Manx song is finding its place both at home and within her wider Gaelic family. What better time for the three song traditions to find their single voice again”


The Band members:-
From Scotland, Mary Ann Kennedy,  the highly respected musician, singer, writer, producer and broadcaster
Ruth Keggin,  leading young singer of the current Manx Gaelic revival, and
Eoghan Ó Ceannabháin,    a traditional singer and musician from a strong singing family in Connemara in the West of Ireland.

Together they have created a Gaelic song-world that delves into traditional roots while boldly asserting the place of the Gaelic languages and culture in a contemporary world.

Aon Teanga:Un Çhengey – whichever way you spell it, sounds the same, means the same – ‘One Tongue’. Three superbly expressive voices from the three Gaelic nations as one voice, reuniting the Scottish, Irish and Manx Gaels.  Aon Teanga:Un Çhengey  (say it the way it looks in Manx) celebrates the linguistic, musical and cultural connections of Gaelic as one language between the sister-nations for the first time in centuries

  1. Ròin is Míolta Móra 5:31
  2. Creggyn Scarleode 4:19
  3. Eascann Bhaile na hInse 4:37
  4. Òran a’ Cheannaiche 2:35
  5. Manannan 3:22
  6. Meiriocá 2:31
  7. She Lhong Honnick Mee 4:55
  8. Eilidh Chuain 3:15
  9. Liam Ó Raghallaigh 6:49
  10. Seathan, Mac Rìgh Èireann 3:10
  11. Padjer Colum Keeilley 1:40
  12. Curach an t-Siridh 4:59
  13. An Ceallachín, Y Thalhear agus An Sgiobair 5:23
    For the Lyrics for the above please click   

Aon teanga – Un çhengey is supported by the PRS Foundation’s Beyond Borders fund, one of the flagship programmes of the new music commissioning organisation. It is unique in its interpretation of the ‘Borders’ implied, but a perfect fit for the aspirations of the fund. The Isle of Man Arts Council have also pledged support for the project as part of their Island of Culture celebrations.
Contacts :- Twitter


Aon Teanga

                       Aon Teanga

Music sessions and Gaelic conversation – Ceòl ‘s Craic Monday 25 July 6pm – 7pm

Music sessions  and Gaelic conversation – Ceòl ‘s Craic Monday 25 July 6pm – 7pm

Jul 25, 2016

Cluinnidh sinn bho Alison Dhòmhnallach air prògram Ceòl ‘s Craic @ Celtic Music Radio na seachdain sa. Ann an còmhradh rithe gheibh sinn beachd air na diofar chuspairean amns a bheil ùidh aice –  nam measg fuaigheal, fìghe, togail dhealbhan camara agus cearcan! Tha Alison air taghadh na trì pìosan ciùil as fheàrr leatha an-dràsta agus cluinnidh sinn iad sin air a’ phrògram. Cuideachd bidh ceòl beò againn bhon tachartas mu dheireadh aig Ceòl ‘s Craic air Disathairne 18 Ògmhios nuair a thàinig clann-sgoile bho Sgoil Ghàidhlig Ghlaschu agus luchd-ciùil bho ‘Dàimh’ agus an seinneadair aca Ellen NicDhòmhnaill còmhla.

Tuilleadh fiosrachaidh ri fhaighinn air Facebook Ceòl ‘s Craic.

Ceòl ‘s Craic Diluain 25 Iuchair eadar 6 is 7f. agus uair sam bith air Catch-Up.

CsC copy

We’ll hear from Alison Murray from Lewis this week on Ceòl ‘s Craic @ Celtic Music Radio. In conversation with here we’ll hear about the different topics that interest her including – sewing, knitting, photography and hens! Alison has chosen her current top three favourite tracks and we’ll hear these on this week’s programme. We’ll also have live music recorded at the last Ceòl ‘s Craic event for this session when young musicians from Glasgow Gaelic School met with the amazing Dàimh and their wonderful Gaelic singer Ellen MacDonald on Saturday 18 June.

More information on the Ceòl ‘s Craic Facebook .

Ceòl ‘s Craic, Monday 25 July 6.00-7.00pm and Catch Up anytime.

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