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Celtic Music Radio and Audio@GCU in Musical Harmony

Celtic Music Radio returns to The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall for live broadcasts from the Buchanan Suite starting Friday 16th January at 11am. Celtic Music Radio is delighted that...

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Saturday 31st  January Danny Kyle Open Stage 5-7pm live from Celtic Connections

  Danny Kyle Open Stage In The  Exhibition Hall – Glasgow Royal Concert Hall 5 – 7 pm Saturday  January 2015 (Not in running order)     FourWinds –...

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Studio guests

Review: The Chair at The Old Fruitmarket – Sunday 25 January

With an mini invasion from Orkney, there were no chairs required as it’s standing room only when THE CHAIR are in town. Whilst I say there was only standing room it certainly...

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Donald Shaw praises Celtic Music Radio at Celtic Connections

Celtic Music Radio is broadcasting live for the 10th year in a row at Celtic Connections, which got under from Thursday, 15 January and continues to Sunday 1 February...

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Francis Black & Kieran Goss at Strathclyde Suite, Royal Concert Hall – Tuesday 27/1/15

Francis Black & Kieran Goss at Strathclyde Suite, Royal Concert Hall – Tuesday 27/1/15

Jan 31, 2015

The reunion of these two wonderful Irish singer/ songwriters was long overdue and demand to see them was so much that not only did they sell out their scheduled gig at Celtic Connections but also sold out an added night too.

This was a truly magical evening in the Concert Hall in Glasgow. Francis Black and Kieran Goss made a very welcome return to Celtic Connections after a 23 year absence however it was as if they had never been away. They wowed this capacity crowd with their beautiful melodic songs and fantastic craic. Both artists are hugely successful in their own right but put them together and they are phenomenal. From the outset Francis’s sile and laughter lit up this arena more than any lighting could and Kieran’s humour and craic had the audience laughing heartily in their seats.

This night however was not about the laughter and the craic but the music and Francis and Kieran entertained with classics such as Wall of Tears, Everybody Loves a Lover and Out of my Head. Encouraging the audience to sing along with them this was a truly memorable evening. Their encore song was Sonny’s Dream which had me singing that song all the way home.

Being apart for over two decades is far too long for this talented duo and I would sincerely hope that they cement this reunion with a new album and certainly hope that their fans don’t have to wait the same period before Francis Black and Kieran Goss grace our shores again.

Danny Matheson

Presenter @ Celtic Music Radio


Review: Tweedy, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, 29 January 2015

Review: Tweedy, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, 29 January 2015

Jan 31, 2015

The gentle father-and-son hug was a touching moment at the end of this stirring performance. It clearly showed that Jeff Tweedy and his 18-year-old drummer boy, Spencer loved each other, being on stage together and had put on one helluva show.

Over two hours of Tweedy, Wilco and Uncle Tupelo songs sated an enthusiastic band of fans, huddled together in the front stalls enthralled by the flawless and intimate collection this excellent band had brought to Celtic Connections.

Jeff’s vocals were as good as they’ve ever been while his players – guitarist Jim Elkington, bassist Darin Gray, and Tweedy junior’s High School chum, Liam Cunningham on keyboards/guitar – bumped and chunked with gusto and no little power with shades of The Band seeping in.

Tweedy and son’s collaborative album, Sukierae hogged the early part of the show and tracks that stood out were the louche, deep drum driven World Away and the haunting, heartfelt and melodic Nobody Dies Any More, sung with an endearing, gentle edge. Sukierae is named after Tweedy’s wife, Sue who is battling lymphoma. The songs were not complex. They were simply loving and emotional.

Overall there was a more predictable ambience than you’d fine at a Wilco gig – there were neither major wig-outs nor knuckleheads scrapping in the balcony, as Tweedy recalled from his last visit to what is the poshest venue in the city. The mood was pitched perfectly.

When Jeff let the band take a break, he conjured up solo magic from Wilco albums such as Yankee Hotel Foxtrot’s formidable I Am Trying to Break Your Heart as well as a ripping, straight down the highway New Madrid from the Uncle Tupelo classic Anodyne from 1993. It was a perfect way for him to showcase why he’s revered as a leading singer/songwriter of this time.

No outing sadly when the band returned for Handshake Drugs but the gorgeous California Stars – from the 1998 album, Mermaid Avenue by Wilco and Billy Bragg based on Woody Guthrie lyrics – made up for it, bringing the show to an end and the enthralled crowd to its feet. It was a deft, fulfilling and outstanding performance, knitting together new family-forged material with songs from a back catalogue that’s hard to beat or ignore.

Mike Ritchie


Celtic Music Radio 95FM

Review: Nathaniel Rateliff, Tron Theatre, Sunday 25 January 2015

Review: Nathaniel Rateliff, Tron Theatre, Sunday 25 January 2015

Jan 31, 2015

Nathaniel Rateliff doesn’t like to take himself too seriously and the audience lapped it up big style. Returning from last year’s Celtic Connections gig, on the same date, Burns Night, he had obviously made his mark.

Accompanied by accomplished musicians on drums, electric bass and keyboards used to very fine effect, his versatile voice sailed through The Tron Theatre and rattled the rafters. One minute he was rocky, the next slow and soulful. His lazy Colorado drawl ranging from baritone to almost falsetto at times, coupled with a humour and often colourful language illustrated how much he was enjoying himself on stage. This was particularly evident when the band left and he asked for requests to be played on solo guitar. The biggest of these was ‘Brakeman’ which he admitted to not performing for a while and, although he kept getting the chords wrong, he worked it out and got there. Oh, the joy of live music!

Opening was Louis baker from Wellington, New Zealand who performed a 40 minute set including ‘You Put Me back On My Feet’ which got him in the top five on a New Zealand singer songwriter competition.

Bill Morris

Presenter @ Celtic Music Radio

Saturday 31st January Danny Kyle Open Stage 5-7pm live from Celtic Connections

Saturday 31st  January Danny Kyle Open Stage 5-7pm live from Celtic Connections

Jan 31, 2015


Danny Kyle Open Stage
In The  Exhibition Hall – Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
5 – 7 pm Saturday  January
(Not in running order)



FourWinds – Ireland   four winds
Deeply rooted in the tradition, FourWinds produce an exciting landscape of tunes and lyrics that present Irish traditional music in a modern and creative context. Their influences include Begley and Cooney, The Bothy Band, Planxty, Brady and Irvine, Moving Hearts, Pink Floyd and even Elvis. This energetic quartetdelivers a truly unique musical experience. The band has performed as FourWinds since 2013, individual members having all Ireland titles at Fleadh Cheoil, individual recordings and a debut EP in the box.

about_ruth1Ruth Keegan – Isle of Man
Ruth is a Manx Gaelic singer from the Isle of Man, who is passionate about bringing Manx music and language to a wider audience. Her debut solo album, Sheear (‘Westward’), which features traditional and contemporary Manx Gaelic songs, was released in February 2014. Some of Ruth’s 2014 highlights have been performing live with her trio, and being interviewed, on BBC Radio 3’s ‘The Verb'; sharing a joint concert with renowned singers Julie Fowlis and Mary Black; presenting and singing in a short feature for the television programme ‘Coast’ on BBC 2 (due to be aired in summer 2015).  Ruth’s group share a love for and dedication to traditional Manx music and songs, deliver dynamic, engaging performances imbued with the joy of making music.

Kari MacLeod – Newcastle Upon TyneKari & Seath
Kari Macleod is a Scottish fiddle player, singer and songwriter based in Newcastle. She graduated from the Folk and Traditional music course at Newcastle University in July 2013. A love for Americana music during her time there, she decided to focus on composing music and songs which are heavily influenced by country and bluegrass music, but still remain rooted in her traditional Scottish music . Her first album due in February.  Seth Tinsley is a guitarist and singer and is also a graduate of the same course and has since had success with notable bands in both England and Scotland including Tyde and neo-folk line-up The Elephant Sessions.     Kari MacLeod / Seth Tinsley

Sirmione LetterheadSirmione - Brendan McCreanor & Deirdre Granville – Ireland
Newly formed duo Sirmione showcases the most traditional of instruments: Irish Harp and Uilleann Pipes in a versatile and funky way. Brendan McCreanor is an award winning traditional Irish musician from Dunleer, County Louth playing Uilleann pipes, whistle,  fiddle and  flute.  A graduate in Applied Music, he is a tutor and a teacher and performer. Deirdre Granville from Dingle, Co. Kerry is a multi-instrumentalist and singer.  A first class honours music graduate from University College Cork with a degree in Music and Irish at BMUS.  She is a member of folk singing band Deluce’s Patent and founder of Dingle Tradfest fusion music festival.  Deirdre is currently concluding a performance masters at University of Limerick as well as completing her debut solo album.

North East Folk Collective – North East of Scotlandnorth  east folk collective
The North East Folk Collective were formed in 2009 to give local young musicians a chance to explore traditional music and songs and to bring the trad music and songs of the North East to new audiences.  They play a mix of North East tunes and songs as well as drawing on influences from other parts of Scotland and further afield.  Recently attended the North Atlantic Fiddle Convention in Derry, Ireland and The Royal Albert Hall in London and the Scottish Parliament. They have been a regular feature at the Stonehaven Folk Festival since 2010 and have the festival to thank for giving them their first ever gig!  The highlight of the Folk Collective’s year is always the ‘now world famous’ Aqua Ceilidh where they have been the house band for the past few years!  Currently recording tracks with Jonny Hardie of the OBD’s.  Original NEFCo members are now involved in mentoring the younger generation of players, mainly encouraged through a common love of banana and toffee muffins and rocky road and of course the music of our native Shire. 

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