Album of the Week – Allan Taylor ‘The Road Well Travelled’

Written by on May 11, 2024


ALLAN TAYLOR, a sterling troubadour who has been writing and performing his distinctive songs for more than 55 years, is in top form on his latest release, The Road Well Travelled.

The Brighton-born solo, singer-songwriter’s songs are inspired by the wonderful places he’s seen, the people he’s met and a collection of experiences from life on the road.

“The songs reflect the solitary thoughts of a troubadour forever heading towards the next horizon,” said Allan.

“With a fond farewell to times past, and the hope of a peaceful future, I hope you, my fellow travellers through the joys and sadness of life, will find some comfort and share some dreams from this collection of my songs.”

Allan will be taking time to stop and chat about the record with Auntie Liz Clark on the latest Album of the Week Show today at midday.

* Album of the Week Show – Allan Taylor in conversation with Liz Clark – noon – Saturday, May 11, 2024.

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