Archie Fisher – support Chloe Matharu – Celtic Connections – Royal Concert Hall Strathclyde Suite – January 31, 2024.

Written by on February 4, 2024

ARCHIE FISHER’S songs are like a warm fire on a cold night and never fail to bring joy.

His outstanding skills on the guitar, complemented by his gentle vocals and excellent stories, made for an entertaining and enjoyable concert.

Archie told us that the guitar he was using on stage had not been played on a stage for about ten years – but it sounded as sweet as honey. I love Archie’s finger picking guitar and open tunings which give such a wonderful resonance to his music.

The standout songs were The Final Trawl and Song for a Friend and, without a doubt, he is an icon and an inspiration to many who had the audience singing along with great gusto and enthusiasm. Outstanding.

Despite feeling very unwell, CHLOE MATHARU was the epitome of the ‘show must go on’ attitude, an absolute trooper who still managed an excellent performance.

With her memorable songs and sublime harp playing, she captivated her audience, and I honestly would never have known that she was under the weather.

Chloe not only gave a strong performance but it was the most relaxed I’ve ever seen her on a stage, interacting and joking with the very supportive audience. This made her feel at ease where she belongs and that’s on the big stage.

She played two gorgeous instruments during her set and sang with her signature soothing, unique voice. Well done to her and here’s hoping that she will be 100 per cent for the rest of her busy gigging and recording year.


Martin Stephen Jones

Images – Roy Fulton



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