Album of the Week – Scott Murray ‘There Was A Love’

Written by on October 23, 2021

Scottish musician Scott Murray celebrated his 75th birthday in some style – by recording this marvellous album a few days later.

With a background in folk, he has opted to extend his scope here in fine style to embrace R&B and jazz, genres he was interested prior to his folk days.

Dave Milligan (with Karen he had our Album of the Week slot last week) arranged the songs and tunes and produced the album at Castlesound Studios.

In addition to Scott’s vocals, ‘There Was A Love’ features: Dave Milligan (piano), Corrina Hewat (harp and voice), Tom Lyne (bass), Stuart Brown (drums), Mikey Owers (brass), Phil Bancroft (saxophones) and Martin Green accordion.
In response to those who have asked Scott if he has given up folk for jazz, he replies: “I identify as bi-musical.”

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