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Written by on December 19, 2020

Join Auntie Liz who will be in conversation with Jez Lowe about his new album ‘Crazy Pagan’ on Album of The Week and on Catch Up.

A new album from Jez Lowe, all on his lockdown lonesome, playing all the instruments, singing all the songs… Including a homage to a sporting hero (Shaking Monty), a touching tribute to a folk legend (Louisa’s Choosing ), a couple of nods to the rock bands of yesteryear (Loon in The Moon  and High Handenhold ), one of his most striking protest songs (This Is Not My Tribe), a duet with a pit-shaft (Coal Mountain ) and what could be the ultimate Tyneside love song (Talk to Me Dirty In Geordie)… And more besides… Twelve new songs from the Crazy Pagan in the striped sweater.

Jez Lowe born and raised in  Easington Colliery, County Durham, where he witnessed the industrial decline in his home county and of the country at large, the hardship and strength of character of the men and women who had to live through the decline of the coal industry, the poverty and loss that ensued, which come through in his songs.

Releasing his first album in 1980 he has never looked back, having over 11 solo albums, 10 with his group The Bad Pennies  – current line up Kate Bramley / Andy May / David de la Haye as well as collaborations with other musicians and projects along the way. Other groups include The Pitman Poets   The Pitmen Poets features four of the region’s leading champions of its musical heritage: Ex-Lindisfarne singer and songwriter Billy Mitchell, renowned singer and instrumentalist Bob Fox, leading exponent of Tyneside song Benny Graham, and much-covered Durham songwriter Jez Lowe – individually and collectively celebrating triumphs, tragedy, humour and hard times of North-East England’s coal mining tradition in an evening of music, song and spoken word, illustrated by atmospheric archive photography.
He toured with ‘Men At Words’ – with another two renowned wordsmiths – Archie Fisher and James Keelaghan.  Also in a duo with Steve Tilston resulting in an album ‘The Janus Game’

Jez also took part in BBC Radio 2 Radio Ballads made famous by Ewan MacColl and Charles Parker in the 1950’s –where Jez was commissioned to write 22 new songs for the documentary- folk series where he included guest such as Barry Coope and Bob Fox to name but two.

When not on the road Jez has also made several broadcast for the BBC in  1999 called ‘A Song For Geordie’ as well as numerous programmes for the BBC with interviews withh  He is also an author, having his first novel in 2018 ‘The Dillen Doll’, has another published and one in the pipeline.

A firm favourite in Scotland, Jez even stayed in Glasgow for a while and is a regular guest at Scottish Folk Clubs and Festivals. Looking forward to seeing him live, in the hopefully not to distant future

Crazy Pagan Tracks

  1. Shaking Monty
  2. This Is Not My Tribe
  3. Louidsa’s Choosing
  4. Time Rich, Cash Poor
  5. Farmer Sun
  6. High Handenhold
  7. Three Indian Kings
  8. Honeymoon Terrace
  9. Loon In The Moon
  10. Coal Mountain
  11. Talk To Me Dirty In Geordie
  12. The Corly Croons

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