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Glasgow-based singer/songwriter, Michael McMillan, whose musical travels have taken him all over the world, is Nikki Lyle’s guest this week (Monday, September 5). He has always loved music, playing the bagpipes when he was 13 and then the drums. Always influenced by great story tellers Michael’s songs are like mini movies that take the listener […]

Glasgow-based author author, Maura McRobbie joins Gerry on The Jukebox this week (Wednesday, August 24.)In addition to choosing her “Six Of The Best” songs Maura will be talking about her new children’s novel, “Vikings And Skylarks On Cumbrae.” This is her second novel – Highly Commended by the Scottish Association of Writers – is children’s […]

Presenter Nikki Lyle has been named ‘DJ of the Year’ in the Country Gigs Scotland Awards for 2022. Her weekly Monday show Nikki At Noon is a sparkling mix with tracks from Scottish bands old and new, fun Scottish facts and stories, and loads of up-to-the-minute info for music lovers. Nikki, who has been presenting […]

Irish-born singer songwriter, Owen Moore lays down his music in unfussy, warming and welcoming tones – and that’s clearly evident on his latest release, Blue Sky Songs. This timeless, pleasing mix of country and folk has ten songs in total, all originals. Now based in Dorset he relies on a relaxed vocal delivery underpinned by […]

This three-piece band from Skye sensitively craft music that embraces an inventive mix of early and contemporary Scottish and Scandinavian styles. Inspired by the landscape and the connection with the sea the trio undertake an intriguing exploration of drone music with the ring of the sympathetic strings of the nyckelharpa, the drones of the pipes […]

There is a spritely and engaging range of tracks on the latest album from the Glasgow-based collective, Starry Skies. With confidence and ease they deliver up-tempo classic rock, power pop and folk pop plus gentle ballads in an irresistible mix. Warren McIntyre – as always – is in fine voice no matter the material or […]

Station presenter Fiona McNeill was centre stage at a glittering awards ceremony in Los Angeles. Fiona was the voiceover / narrator for the BAFTA Student Award for Immersive winner at the international Yugo student awards. The winning submission was a virtual reality project called “Aonar” and because its creator, Austin Wolfe from Glasgow School of […]

Dublin-born folk singer and songwriter Enda Reilly had a clear vision for his latest release – he wanted to deliver a “simple album of undeniably great songs” sung and recorded with guitar or acapella. Many of Whisperings’ tracks are Irish and Scottish favourites with important connections for everyone across the Atlantic. Heart-tugging songs such as […]

Fellow Paisley Buddie, Davey Mullen is in the guest seat on Gerry’s Jukebox with Gerry Maguire this week (Wednesday, July 27) As well as talking about his highly varied career in rock bands, as a solo performer, sound engineer, fund raiser, trade union rep, gig promoter and TV actor, Davey will pick six of his […]

This is an album of great charm centred around love, community and connection. The Wilderness Yet bring deeply personal links to their music while exploring the world’s stories, seasons and sorrows, grounded in our relationship with the natural world. Rosie Hodgson – voice, banjo; Rowan Piggott – voice, fiddles, double bass; Philippe Barnes – voice, […]

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